Bajo el Mismo Sol/Under the Same Sun

Tienes Mucho Que Ofrecer!

You have a lot to offer! What brings you joy? Where do you find hope? What are you thankful for?

Leave us a comment! We will put your words on a butterfly post-it and add it to the painting.

Silvina Mizrahi, Under the Same Sun, 2019. Mixed media on canvas, 12'x2' ©Silvina Mizrahi. All rights reserved.



Watch Paper Butterflies Land on the canvas:

Silvina Mizrahi

One thought on “Butterflies of Hope/ Mariposas de Esperanza

  1. I love this project!!!! I am working on a project called The Body Works and I was inspired to make it interactive from your work. So I am grateful for you. Wishing you all good things in 2022

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