Mom to 2 incredible kids, fundraiser at Boston Children’s Hospital, artist & activist.

“I use my voice & our story to raise awareness for the rights of trans and non binary kids. I believe I carry a light in me, which allows others to feel safe being exactly who they are. I struggle with full, unabashed authenticity, with self-love and connection to my body. I disassociated with my body at a very young age, probably due to not having a “place” as a child. I spent nearly 40 years chasing a version of myself that I thought others wanted. At 40 I “woke up”, I decided I could acknowledge my past & work to make peace with it. This has looked like therapy, spiritual practice, meditation & anything that would get me closer to my true self. I worried for a long time that I’d never know true love. I now look around and see that I have more than most – my kids, my friends, my family – all seeing me & loving me for exactly who I am. I’d tell a 12 year old me to TELL SOMEONE, don’t live with those secrets. That she’s perfect in all ways & shines from the inside out. My son Felix is transgender. He came out 7 years ago. I saw how unhappy he was living as a girl & had to fight my own fears, my own risk of judgement, to do what it took to make sure that my son could live in his skin with security & love. While I can never fully understand his or others’ journey, I do know what it’s like to be told you should be anyone other than yourself. I’ve seen first-hand what releasing shame can do. I want my kids to live as boldly & unapologetically as they can. I feel most alive when advocating for others. Success to me is raising good kids. Happiness comes from honesty, self love, sunshine and spending time with those you love. Beauty is an inner light that shines out. My daughter Skylar is my light. She reminds me daily to love myself fully, because it’s all I want for her. In 10 years I hope to be somewhere warm, living fully without fear. I’m proud of my heart and that I’m stopping a cycle of trauma so that my kids can grow up differently. I value honesty, presence and kindness. I’m determined to live a life of Joy. I’m Hilary. I am love, I am light, and I love to help others.”


Kristie Dean, Hilary, 2022. Digital Photograph. ©Kristie Dean. All rights reserved.

Kristie Dean & Denisha Fisher

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