The Peoples’ heART is dedicated to exploring health equity and addressing health disparities through art. Our exhibitions use art and design to reimagine healthcare. By doing this, we are working to create spaces that better reflect and serve the rich diversity of patients, staff and community using those spaces.

Explore our exhibitions to see how we are transforming these spaces.

Drawn Skin

This collection explores the universality of body art in the hopes of reflecting our shared humanity and the infinite connections between peoples across time and space as style and iconography is continuously remixed.

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Heart + Soul

Heart + Soul is a collaboration between Beyond Walls and the Peoples' heART aimed at reflecting the interplay between public art and community empowerment. In this collection of photographs, all taken in Lynn, MA, the "art" becomes more than the murals themselves, but the surrounding space and people become integral aspects of the composition.

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The Festival of Color, Holi is celebrated the world around as a moment to reconnect with unbridled joy.

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OFF THE GRID was a 6 month project where volunteers taught individuals experiencing homelessness the art of photography. The artist collective, having found their voice, provide a glimpse of what it means to live off the grid as an invisible person. and managed to raise funds for the Lynn Emergency Shelter to provide day services.

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The Poetry of Science

Currently on loan to The MIT Rotch Library of Architecture and Planning

The Poetry of Science aims to increase the representation of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian & Pacific Islander, and People of Color's experiences in academia and STEM. The project brought together scientists, poets, and photographers to explore the motivations, work, and experiences of people of color to inspire the next generation of innovators.

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The Sarimanok & My Immigration Story

This collection was organized in celebration of Filipino American History Month and serves as just a small acknowledgement of the incredible role that Filipinos play in healthcare. This collection is of the works of Bren Bataclan and explores the Filipino diaspora, his experience immigrating to the United States, and a reflection on the current challenges that immigrants face.

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The Soul Project

15/03/2023 16/04/2023

An excerpt of the Soul Stories series by the Soul Project, exploring the many lived experiences of the women who call Massachusetts home.

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Through These Realities

Through These Realities challenges mainstream media narratives by merging poetry and photography to affirm the experiences of people of color and shed light on the disparities within dominant culture while emphasizing the everyday normality of their lives.

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A photo survey of the works of Amir Leung-Tat captures the artists' coming of age as he visits Africa for the first time and comes home to a country in the midst of a racial reckoning. As easily as his work captures the joys of being a young adult and new independence, it also is deeply entrenched in the perseverance and resilience that is the Black struggle.

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