Bajo el Mismo Sol / Under the Same Sun

“I truly believe in art as a tool to heal us, to connect us, to embrace our differences and furthermore as a tool to allow us to express our joy and gratitude towards our planet and humankind.”

Silvina Mizrahi

Argentinian American Silvina Mizrahi is a Boston-based interdisciplinary artist and art educator fueled by her beliefs in art as a tool that helps us to connect, to heal, and to embrace our differences. Her art is a mirror of her experiences as an immigrant, memories from childhood, Jewish traditions and her ancestral past. Also a dancer, rhythms and gestures are evident in her pieces, and she gleans inspiration from nature, as well as a special relationship with her daughter, who transported her to a simpler world. 

Born and raised in the small town of Tucuman, Argentina, Silvina grew up in an environment that merged Argentinian culture and Jewish traditions. “I’m fortunate to have Sepahradic and Ashkenakezi grandmas” recalls Silvina, as she shared childhood memories of home, and making sculptures with materials she found around the house. She received her degree in Fine Arts at the University of Tucuman, and subsequently moved to Buenos Aires where she trained in sculpture, while also studying dance and theater.

Celebrated for her influence on the Latino community in Boston, Silvina’s culture inspires her creativity. She likes to work with different mediums and techniques, including abstract expressionist mixed media paintings, figurative bronze sculptures and public art. Take a closer look at her pieces and you will see found objects- pom poms, ribbon, even a little plastic frog- each important treasures that contribute to the story of her pieces. She also uses recycled materials in the sculptures created during workshops she facilitates with diverse communities. She believes in making art accessible to all, stating “Some people don’t have the opportunity to go to museums, so it’s so important for them to have art right in their own neighborhoods.”

Silvina’s art is an invitation to walk towards the inner world, and take an introspective look into our being and our daily sensorial experiences playing capriciously in our inner landscape.

As artists, we create imaginary shelters- an inner journey where we can escape from reality, and come back from it renewed.

Silvina Mizrahi

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