Photography by: Vanessa Leroy


Kareem, an Afro-Caribbean scientist from the island federation of St. Kitts-Nevis, is currently a PhD candidate in Biostatistics at Harvard University. He studies how genes work, specifically the ones that control our circadian rhythms. To understand this, he uses math to create models or equations that explain how these genes work in mammals.

Poetry of Science Collection, 2021. Digital Photograph. ©Poetry of Science. All rights reserved.

Truth in Numbers

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The Project: Scientists of color and local poets of color are collaborating to create poetry based on the work, motivations, and history of the scientists. We are working with fine art photographer Vanessa Leroy, to create portraits of each scientist for public display alongside their associated poetry. Selected poets and scientists will be published in a dedicated issue of an award-winning literary journal. Our Mission: The Poetry of Science counters the negative associations handed down by systemic racism by creating new and positive associations between people of color (POC), the arts, the sciences, how nature is perceived, and what it means to generate knowledge. In this context, POC offer new ways to understand and create novel realities to resist systems of oppression.

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