Mom, wife, daughter, sister, niece and cousin.

“I believe in being kind to each other, showing loved ones that you love and appreciate them, and in forgiveness – for others & ourselves. I am vulnerable, exhausted and thriving. I’ve completely lost and found myself in my role as a full-time stay at home Mom. My husband works mostly 12/14 hour days, everyday, at our family restaurant. I’m grateful to be home with my children and want to instill in them the tools that will get them through times when they struggle, hurt, or even lose hope. “Momming” with 100% of me while taking care of myself though, is a struggle. I don’t make time to eat properly, drink enough water, sleep, shower, or heaven forbid, take a 5 minute walk or run an errand by myself. Once in a while I feel the weight of that- it’s crushing. I feel a lot of emotions and have come to know intimately the devastating feeling of “mom-guilt”. Often I feel like I’m not doing or being enough and selfish for taking a moment for myself. At times I even feel like I’m failing my children. I’m insecure about my stretch marks or “tiger stripes” as my daughter calls them. I’m uncomfortable about them but equally proud because they represent the incredible miracle my body performed twice. I believe all women who have them should be unapologetically proud. My husband has always said a kind heart is the most beautiful part of a person – we teach our children that every day. I think communication and respect are the ingredients to a strong romantic relationship. If you approach everything with respect and love it’s hard to tear each other apart. Also, a wise man once said, if you have to fight – fight naked. 🤷🏻‍♀️ When you become a parent suddenly a huge piece of you, your heart, is just out there in the open, vulnerable and living in your kids. When my kids are happy & laughing I feel most alive. In 10 years I hope to be at least as happy and proud as I am now, but maybe a little less exhausted. I’m Sarah, and on the toughest days of dealing with all the crap, literally and figuratively, I look around my home, think about family & friends and feel grateful; this is happiness.”


Kristie Dean, Sarah, 2018. Digital Photograph. ©Kristie Dean. All rights reserved.

Kristie Dean & Denisha Fisher

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