Asleep at the Wheel

Summer of 2020 could possibly be titled the year of the reveal. When the veil was lifted and the rawness of what racism can look like showed up without apology. But it was always there, always has been. If this was the first time you became aware then surely you were asleep at the wheel.

“To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice.”


In bright red, unavoidable lettering, this image presents itself as a wake-up call. It brings harsh light to the daily oppressions of countless individuals that we have broadly accepted and consequently reinforced as a society. The crowd is diverse, as are the ones they fight for. Their masks remind us of the urgency of this call to action, as people unite during a time that has taught us to build distance between one another.

Amir Leung-Tat, Asleep at the Wheel, 2020. Digital Photograph. ©Amir Leung-Tat. All rights reserved.

Amir Leung-Tat

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Ubuntu is a exhibition of the photography of Amir Leung-Tat. An interpretation of the Nguni term which means "I am because we are" and associated African philosophy which promotes the interconnectedness of humanity, Leung-Tat's work represents a poignant exploration of the vast totality of the black experience through the eyes of an artist coming of age. Shot during his time in Keyna, as well as during the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Boston, MA, his work captures the enduring connections and similarities that override geographical differences. Despite the forced separation of Black bodies from their homeland, there is a vibrant energy and resolve to overcome obstacles and a singularity of spirit that remains connected across time and space.

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