Laughter is a stress reliever that can mentally lighten the load. It improves the mood and can assist in coping with difficult circumstances. It can invite a sense of relaxation, promote ease and create space for connection. As a people we need laughter.

“Laughter is the best medicine.”


Amir Leung-Tat, Laughter, 2018. Digital Photograph. ©Amir Leung-Tat. All rights reserved.

What is more healing than reveling in joy. Experiencing unfiltered joy makes it easier for one to carry a heavy heart, and to remember that pain is not all there is. Oftentimes, the media solely focuses on the pain and trauma the Black community face while disregarding the importance of Black joy. Since 2015, The Black Joy Project has helped spread the concept of Black joy as an act of resistance, without erasing the difficulties of the Black experience, through social media. Laughter is healing and to be able to choose and express such joy is powerful.

Amir Leung-Tat

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Ubuntu is a exhibition of the photography of Amir Leung-Tat. An interpretation of the Nguni term which means "I am because we are" and associated African philosophy which promotes the interconnectedness of humanity, Leung-Tat's work represents a poignant exploration of the vast totality of the black experience through the eyes of an artist coming of age. Shot during his time in Keyna, as well as during the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Boston, MA, his work captures the enduring connections and similarities that override geographical differences. Despite the forced separation of Black bodies from their homeland, there is a vibrant energy and resolve to overcome obstacles and a singularity of spirit that remains connected across time and space.

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