Photography by: Daymian Mejia


Watch a video about the creation of this mural

Cruz uses liquid paint and mixes in wheat paste, paper, and print in her process. The mural is designed to evolve over time as it disintegrates, and the coloration will evolve.  

Damaris Cruz, Doily, 2018. Acrylic and latex with wheat paste on brick, 26 x 40 ft. Public art. ©Damaris Cruz. All rights reserved.

This mural is on the eclectic Lydia Pinkham building, home of a vibrant artist community and Soul City Yoga. Shanel Anderson, the yoga studio owner, is the subject of the mural, watering her plants in the studio.

Fun fact: All of the artists are trained and certified in lift operating.

Damaris Cruz

One thought on “Doily

  1. Dear Damaris Cruz,
    Yesterday I was at MGH Chelsea to have a chest x-ray. Your artwork took what little breath I still had (later diagnosed with pneumonia) away. I cried and hugged myself shivering in one of those gowns they give you.
    Please know how grateful I am to your beautiful art. Mil gracias

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The Heart + Soul installation is a retrospective of some of the many murals and pieces of art created by artists in collaboration with Beyond Walls. In the fall of 2020, Beyond Walls presented the street art festival Truth Be Told in Lynn, Massachusetts. The artwork featured in the Truth Be Told festival was born of the COVID-19 pandemic and explores the idiosyncrasies of the times. Heart + Soul is a collection of photographs and digital art examining the interplay between community and art. The subjects and symbols within the works reflect the resilience of the diverse people where they reside. As the photographs celebrate the community, Heart + Soul aims to create space that not only reflects the vibrant diversity of the staff and patient community, but celebrates them.

This collection is the result of generous donations from Mass General Imaging and the MGH Office of Equity and Community Health.

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