Sharing in the Joy of My People

Throughout the African diaspora, when we come together from near and far, the connection of who we are as a people no longer needs words. Joyfulness is universal. 

There are those who believe Black people possess the secret of joy and that it is this that will sustain them through any spiritual or moral or physical devastation.” 

Alice Walker

In this image, a child accepts a toy from a woman. The child’s face glows, forehead and smile reflecting the bright noon-time sun. Although the women’s face is obscured from the viewer, the soft contour of her cheek suggests that her smile matches that of the child’s. Sharing is a cornerstone of African culture. However little one may have, they share with neighbors and those in need. This photograph highlights the generosity of the African people, as captured by the Harambee spirit: uniting to achieve maximum strength towards a common goal. Community well-being is individual well-being.

Amir Leung-Tat, Sharing in the Joy of My People, 2018. Digital Photograph. ©Amir Leung-Tat. All rights reserved.

Amir Leung-Tat

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Ubuntu is a exhibition of the photography of Amir Leung-Tat. An interpretation of the Nguni term which means "I am because we are" and associated African philosophy which promotes the interconnectedness of humanity, Leung-Tat's work represents a poignant exploration of the vast totality of the black experience through the eyes of an artist coming of age. Shot during his time in Keyna, as well as during the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Boston, MA, his work captures the enduring connections and similarities that override geographical differences. Despite the forced separation of Black bodies from their homeland, there is a vibrant energy and resolve to overcome obstacles and a singularity of spirit that remains connected across time and space.

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