Invention Reveals Truth

The catalyst that sparked the protests in the summer of 2020 was a phone recording which documented the evident brutality against humanity and blatant disregard for the back body.

“The revolution will not be televised.”

Gil Scott-Heron

In a multi-dimensional image, a hand holds a phone, which frames a dynamic scene on its the screen. Although the backdrop only reveals what seems to be a tranquil scene, the device acts as a portal into dynamic moments otherwise unseen. Here, it records an experience of solidarity: a man addresses a crowd of activists. And yet, it is an invention that has also captured moments of immense suffering in isolation. The use of technology and social media has brought light to many otherwise obscured tragedies, serving to overexpose the undeniable violence and injustices agaist people of color. By capturing and live-streaming these events, viewers globally are invited to bear witness and step forward for their fellow humans, in the spirit of Ubuntu. These inventions make the world a global village, where all injustices become community wounds.

Amir Leung-Tat, Invention Reveals Truth, 2020. Digital Photograph. ©Amir Leung-Tat. All rights reserved.

Amir Leung-Tat

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Ubuntu is a exhibition of the photography of Amir Leung-Tat. An interpretation of the Nguni term which means "I am because we are" and associated African philosophy which promotes the interconnectedness of humanity, Leung-Tat's work represents a poignant exploration of the vast totality of the black experience through the eyes of an artist coming of age. Shot during his time in Keyna, as well as during the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Boston, MA, his work captures the enduring connections and similarities that override geographical differences. Despite the forced separation of Black bodies from their homeland, there is a vibrant energy and resolve to overcome obstacles and a singularity of spirit that remains connected across time and space.

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